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How it works



We have tried to develope a user friendly, but modern website.

The bidding process

This has to be done once, and only takes a few minutes.

Once registered, you are welcome to bid on any pigeon offered on our site.

Automated Bidding
Our site is fully outomated and a bidding button is placed with each pigeon on offer. You can click on it and add the bidding amount you wish to bid. You can also add a buying order. See rules of buying order.

The system allows byers to use nicknames. Reason being many clients do not want others to know who they are, and what they spend. This we accept and understand.
However, no bidder is allowed, while the bidding process is underway, to use the nickname of the previous bidder bidding against him. That is immoral as the previous bidder will still see his nickame and will think the bid is on his own nickname.
In the event of this happening, the bidding will be deemed cancelled, the last bid removed, and the pigeon shall be reauctioned where it stopped on the previous bid.

Buying Order
When a bid is placed, you can also instruct our automated system to continue bidding up to a predetermined amount on your behalf. The advantage to this process is that you do not always need to check the bidding process to make another bid. The buying orders are kept confidential and only known to yourself. The system has been developed in such a way that the webmaster DOES NOT have access to your buying orders. This can be verified and checked AT ANY TIME.
When a bid is received equivalent to your buying order amount, the buying order will automatically receive the default bid as it was placed first.

Telephonic bidding
 ALL BIDDERS are required to make use of our Automated Bidding proccess on the site.
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, you may phone us on 084 2000 6667

Minimum bid increase
Starting price on Opening bids shall  be determined by the mutual agreement between the seller and the auctioneer.
Minimum bid increment is R200 there after till R5000 is reached
Between R100 & R5,000 the minimum bid increase is R200
Between R5,000 & R10,000 the minimum bid increase is R500
Any bids exceeding R10,000 have a minimum bid increase of R1,000

Auction Prolongment
If a bid is received within the last 15 minutes prior to the auction ending the closing time for that particular bird will be extended by 15 minutes, until 15 minutes have passed without a bid being placed.

Item Buyout

You will see a “Buyout” button on the bottom left side if the auction if it’s available for that item. Should you wish to buy the specific item you can click on the button and you would buy the item. The auction automatically closes and you buy the item for the amount displayed in the “Buyout” box.  

When no one clicks on the “buyout” option, the auction will continue as normal. If the bidding amount on the auction is equal or exceeds the buyout amount, the buyout option will fade away and you will no longer have the option to buy the item. The final bid amount on the auction will then be the amount payable to claim your product.

How does the shipment of the bird and the cost work?

The pigeon can be collected directly from our premises or it will be shipped to the buyer by any means available by the seller.
Transport costs will be for the buyers account. Shipping costs to all mayor R.S.A. Airports are R500/per box. This box can accommodate 1-4 pigeons maximum.
Please note we do not ship pigeons outside the borders of R.S.A.
 We do not ship to airports outside the R.S.A. Borders or get involved in any way to ship pigeons outside the borders of South Africa. PLEASE NOTE-We can not ship pigeons OUTSIDE the R.S.A. Boundaries. It is the purchaser's obligation himself to get ANY pigeon out of the country.

Once you have won the bid on a pigeon you will be contacted by e-mail or phone within 24 hours to arrange payment of your purchase.
No pigeons will be released by the sellers or the auctioneer until such time as the money is reflected in our bank account.

Also please note that no pigeons that are paid shall be released if there are any other amounts outstanding for pigeons purchased before or after the paid sales. It will be up to our discretion to decide to release the paid pigeons or not.

Payments to be made within 48 HOURS after the auction expired to enable us to make shipping arrangements for the next week
If this is not possible, please email us your alternative arrangement notice to outafric@mweb.co.za

Accounts must be settled via EFT, OR Cash Payment into our bank account    

NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED without prior arrangements - contact Egbert at outafric@mweb.co.za

If you are paying via CASH DEPOSIT, please add 2.5% banking costs

PLEASE NOTE If you are paying via a bank or internet transfer, no additional banking costs are payable.

Please send proof of payment to: outafric@mweb.co.za OR SMS payment advice to 084 2000 667 OR FAX to Fax No 0865809525

All pigeons that need to be shipped, will only be done on the Thursday after purchase - NO other days are used for shipments from O R TAMBO Airport.R500 shipping fees for a box that can accomodate 1-4 pigeons maximum.  We do not ship to airports outside the R.S.A. Borders or get involved in any way to ship pigeons outside the borders of South Africa. PLEASE NOTE-We can not ship pigeons OUTSIDE the R.S.A. Boundaries. It is the purchaser's obligation himself to get ANY pigeon out of the country

PLEASE NOTE-We can not ship pigeons OUTSIDE the R.S.A. Boundaries. It is the purchaser's obligation himself to get ANY pigeon out of the country via the prescribed means.

Once the buyer has received the bird payment will be made from us to the seller.
This way both parties are protected.

Non Payment
In the case of non payment, the particular pigeon in question shall be reauctioned, and the non payer's name shall be published with the pigeon on reauction.

Viewing of pigeons on auction
Viewing of pigeons on auction can be arranged. Contact Egbert @ 084 2000 667 to make an appointment to view pigeons on auction.

Pedigrees for each pigeon sold on auction will be supplied.

Sexes of pigeons sold on auctions are NOT GUARANTEED. However, sexes shall be indicated as presumed by the seller.

7. Copyright:
This auction site is owned by Out of Africa. Copying or use of any parts of the system is illegal without a written permission from Out of Africa.
Any user of the auction has the permission to print text and pictures from each auction for private use.
Contact: Egbert O'Kelly cell: 084 2000 667 or email us at outafric@mweb.co.za

8. Disclaimer:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that any advice taken from this website is done so entirely on own risk. Opinions raised and information supplied is done in goodwill and no responsibility will be accepted by Out of Africa Lofts or proprietors for supplying wrong information or any loss made by applying anything read on this website. We simply convey what we belief and stand to be corrected by science and other facts in many instances. Things that work for us will not neccesarily be scientifically correct in all cases and might will not work for others. The responsibility lies with YOU to decide if it makes sense. KEEP IT SIMPLE SAM!

Out of Africa Lofts do not accept any liability for the auction pigeons's death on the premises. They are kept under our supervision, but we do not accept on liability for losses what so ever. This is the risk of the owners.

Rings of any dead pigeon shall be provided to the seller if this does happen.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Contact us by email outafric@mweb.co.za




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