ZA VPU 1471/18 - 4th Club, 7th VPUnion, O/B, De Westdorp, 312km, vel 1183. Sire is a VRC, dam is 1st ACE GPU Y/B Series 2013! Daughter to GOLDEN CARELLY X 08816 SUPER PAIR! SEE OUR AUGUST AUCTION FOR MANY OF THESE SUPER PIGEONS!!

3 Year old - Race record thus far. 
37th Club, 87th VPUnion, O/B, Bloem, 275 km, vel 1425
tripled- 4th Club, 7th VPUnion, O/B, De Westdorp, 312km, vel 1183
4th in a row- 

ZA VPU 1471/18 - SUPER RACER! 2 X Winner ( Equal Winner 4 birds on the drop)  - 7th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance VPU Y/B Series 2019
What a racing machine!!! 

Yearling Results
3rd Club,8th VPU Union, O/B, Bloemfontein-Tom's Place, 322km, vel 1346 - She did very well on this race on west in the wind!
Dbl- 1st Club, 11th VPU Union, Y/B, Springfontein, 424km, vel 1361
33rd Club, 106th VPUnion, Y/B, Aliwal North, 443km, vel 1177
dbl- 7th Club, 33rd VPUnion, Y/B, Colesberg, 499km, 1186
tripled- 2nd Club, 5th VPU Union, YB, Noupoort, 548km, vel 1091

2 YEAR OLD- 4 birds on the drop- (Equal 1st )3rd Club, 3rd VPUnion Winburg, 198km, vel 1488. DBL
4th Club, 5th VPU, Glen, O/B, 286km,vel 1373
3rd Bird Loft, 3rd Club, 4th VPUnion, Tom's Place, O/B, 323km, vel 1438
30th Club, 152nd VPUnion, Springfontein, O/B, 424 km, vel 1007