Home of SUPERBREEDERS 810 & GOLDEN CARELLY & Best of Tom Locks & Van Rhyn Cloecks. Also various top 5 ONE LOFT WINNERS
WINBURG 2 OB GPU 2019...
WINBURG 2 YB GPU 2019...
See our LIVE AUCTIONS for direct daughter to super racer, and now SUPERBREEDER, ZA GPU 17912/12 - " SHORT DISTANCE ACE UNION " - Winner & 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance GPU Y/B Series 2013
See our LIVE AUCTIONS for direct daughter to super racer, and now SUPERBREEDER, ZA GPU 17912/12 -

ZA GPU 17912/12 - " SHORT DISTANCE ACE UNION " -  Winner & 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance GPU Y/B Series 2013
3rd Ace Pigeon Overall Club GPU Y/B Series 2013
6th Overall Ace Pigeon GPU Y/B Series 2013
Winner of GPU Young Bird Sales Race 2013 R37500
5th Ace Pigeon Short Distance GPU O/B Series 2014
Dam to winners AND top 10 Ace Pigeon in 1st season at stock.Dam to:
 ZA GPU 02854/15 - 2nd Ace Club, 5th Overall Ace Pigeon Y/B Series GPU 2016.
ZA GPU 00229/15 - 1st Club, 1st Division, 1st GPU Union, Edenburg,Y/B, 448km,vel 1410

ZA GPU 04898/16 - 2nd Club, 3rd Div, 4th Union, Y/B, Smithfield, 475km, vel 1177
ZA GPU 13306/15 - 3rd Club, 6th Div, 13th Union, Springfontein, O/B, 508km, vel 1339 - Bred by OOA LOFTS, Rcaed by R Huebsch
ZA GPU 02816/15, 7th  ACE Pigeon Carnival City 2016 Winer Race.
Granddam to ZA CYRILS 4582/16 - Sire to Equal Winner. 3rd Club, 8th VPU UNion, Y/B, 283 km, vel 1485 km. bred and raced by F Van Heerden
Granddam to ZA GPU 4154/17-1st Overall Ace Club, 4th Ace GPU Young and Old Bird Series Combined & 6th Ace Pigeon GPU Long Distance 2018
- 70th Club, 105th Div, 257th Union, Dsdorp, Y/B, 404km, Vel 1285
- 72nd Club, 106th Div, 264th Union, Tburg, Y/B, 490km, vel 1282
- 7th Club, 9th Div, 17th Union, Y/B, Alliwal-North, 522km, vel 1359
- 2nd Club, 2nd Div, 7th Union, Y/B, Colesberg 1, 589km, vel 1145.
- 32nd Club, 43rd Div, 92nd Union, Y/B, Springfontein, 51km, vel 1308
- 1st Club, 1st Div,4th  Union, Hanover Derby, Y/B, 657km, vel 1128
- 25th Club, 41st Div, 84th Union, Middelburg 667km, vel 1040
 Bred and raced by Jaco Faulds.
Granddam to to ZA GPU 05574/17- Winner of R200 ring Race in GPUnion.- 2nd Club, 2nd Div, 4th Union, Y/B, Colesberg 1, 589km, vel 1149m
Granddam to NEW SUPERBREEDER for Izak Mare -  ZA OOA 181/17 - Proven breeder in first season. Dam to 1173- Fed Winner, 1380 vel. His nestmate brother, 1174 is 6th Federation

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The last of Steven Fouche's stock now on offer on outofafricalofts.co.za Some very well bred birds available from some of the world's Top fanciers, including Florea Sorin, Hardy Kruger, etc. Do not miss this opportunity. View
ZA NOVPF 0835/18 - Best Bird 2018 Kranskop Club 2019! - 1st Club, 1st Fed, NOVPF, Douglas Y/B, 475 km, vel 1441. Linebred 404 PROVEN DREAM X LINEBRED R80 000 X GOLDEN CARELLY!! Bred by Danie V Niekerk! SEE PEDIGREE View
ZA OOA 315/18 - 3rd Ace Pigeon Short Distance Carnival Lofts 2019 & 8th Overall Ace Pigeon 2019 Carnival Club 2019. A combination of 10 top ACE PIGEONS IN ONE! SEE LIVE AUCTION FOR FULL BROTHER FOR SALE!! View
Another top result for the daughter of " 007 ", Linebred SUPERBREEDER 810 - 2nd Club 9th Fed and should end up top 20 SSPO again. SEE PEDIGREE 0007 View
ZA CYRILS 3769/17 - SUPERBREEDER in 1st season at stock for S Fouche.Grandson 0003 MACHINE - 1ST ACE GPU 2017! Linebred to the GOLDEN CARELLY X 08816 SUPER PAIR! His son "3000" is 1st Ace Yearling NWPC club 2019 Currently 2nd Ace pigeon NWPC 2019 View
Congratulations to D Troskie. Dinokeng Final Race Winner purchased back for R100 000!! Record Price. She shall now be used in CO - BREEDING with Out of Africa Lofts. Her offspring shall be made avalable next year on our 810 Production Auction!! SEE PHOTO View
Equal 1st on the drop - 2 pigeons 33 minutes before the third pigeon!- 2ND One Loft Winner Final SOL on the drop. Hopetown, 663km, vel 1186. ZA BPF/D 0694/18 " LINDIE " - Bred by J Van Der Linde. View
ZA OOA 343/18 - 7th, Richmond, 648km, vel 1140- Carnival International Race Final 2019! & 2nd ACE PIGEON International Race Entered by Die Ou Skuur Hok, bred by OOA LOFTS. The sire is linebred to GOLDEN CARELLY, NR 1 COCK, the dam linebred R80 000 LOCK View
ZA GPU 08477/17 - Top racer at Central Bloem Lofts 2018 & 2019 - 10th Final CPL, Prince Albert,599km, vel 1297, Open Series 2019 - Bred and raced by OUT OF AFRICA LOFTS View
ZA GPU 05315/12 ( OOA BAK 17 SABLON X R80 000 T LOCKS) - Sire to ZA BPF/D 632/17 " NAPOLEON" - 9th Final Bloem CPL J/O 2018 & 1st Bloem CPL Open Final 2019 Prince Albert 599km, vel 1307 Entered by VIP LOFTS View
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